How it Works

As an advertiser, it's an easy process. We have an inventory of publishing sites available to you which you can search, sort through, and find publishers related to your product or service. Once you have found a listing you like, enter the details for your site and then checkout with our online and easy to use secure payment gateway. Within a few business days of making the purchase, the selected publisher will place your ad live on their site.

As a publisher, it's just as easy. Once an advertiser makes a purchase from your listing, you will be notified of the sale. Once you've received the notification, you will be asked to place the ad on your site into your blogroll. Done. That's it!

Why Blogrolls

Why Blogrolls, having direct link ads in prime locations on a blogger's main pages will get the attention of visitors and naturally increase the link popularity of your site.


  • Sign-up
  • Find a listing
  • Place the ad


Benefits compared to Traditional Advertising Methods

Method Blogrolls Text Links Banner Ads Tracked Links
Natural Search Benefits x x (sometimes)    
User Friendly x x x  
Benchmark x x x x
Nasty Images     x x

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