Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is blogrolled a Cost Per Click ad program?
    No. Blogrolled provides natural search benefits by linking from blogs
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    No. We do not have an affiliate program at this time.
  • How do you determine pricing for Publishers' sites?

    Pricing for Publishers' sites is based on a combination of link popularity, estimated readership (Alexa), and estimated RSS subscribers.

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  • Can I run blogrolled along with Google AdSense?
    Yes, blogrolled is not a contextually based ad product and is compatible with all other ad systems.
  • How long do ordered blogrolls remain active for?
    Order Blogrolls are active for 30 days or until your next anniversary date, which is the date you first order a blogroll. From there we generate an Invoice for the next 30 day cycle for all ordered blogrolls to continue the blogroll link placement
  • How do I know what site I am buying my ad on?
    As soon as you place your order, the site details are sent to you.  From there, you get two (2) hours to review your order and you can cancel any site that is not what was expected.  After the two (2) hour time limit, we email the publisher to post your ad.
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  • When do you send out payments and how?

    You will be paid monthy on the 1st business day of the month. All blogrolls picked up during the previous monthly will be prorated, and all subsequent months of the blogroll posting will be paid in full. You will be paid using your Paypal or PsBill account.

  • Can I use the same account for multiple sites?
    Yes you can have an unlimited # of sites in your account
  • How many blogrolls can I run on a page?
    You can have 10 active blogrolls per site.
  • How long after I accept a blogroll do I have to post it?
    3 Business Days from Acceptance.
  • Why was my blog rejected?

    We accept blogs into our system based on a combination of link popularity, estimated readership (Alexa), and estimated RSS subscribers. Please feel free to re-submit your blog in a few months if any of the criteria above changes for you.

  • I just signed up as a Publisher and added my blog. Do I have to insert any code into my site?

    It is not necessary to insert code into your website/blog pages until you receive a Blogroll order from an Advertiser.

  • How much will I be paid for my Blogroll links?

    As a Publisher, you will receive 50% of the sale price for each Blogroll link sold off of your website through our system.

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